About me

Hello, my name is Emils Klotins, I am 35 years old and I love philosophy, politics, culture, education, fonts, kittens, photography and Heaven knows what else.

My only field of actual competence, however, is IT, which I have been doing for about 18 years professionally, and — as so many of that generation — also during the teen and pre-teen years, soaking up the   programming languages from books way before there were any computers available for me to actually try them on. I remember one of them was Assembly language for some IBM mainframe, that I never actually could hope to lay my hands on. But that didn't prevent me from writing some programs on paper anyway. By now I am reasonably well-versed in modern procedural/OOP languages and XML, although I don't program on everyday basis anymore. And also I am member of, I hope, decent standing at StackOverflow and ServerFault; used to be one in Experts Exchange, back when that one worked OK.
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As one who has studied some of the topics mentioned in first paragraph for a couple of years at college, I sometimes get the unbearable urge to lecture people on subjects they usually know better than me — something like that characterizes a number of IT people, I find. For some strange reason such arrogance sometimes pays, as I learn new things about whatever is the subject, since people love to point out when you are wrong. And I love to learn. Which you obviously can't do without making mistakes.
So, whenever I write something, I am glad to find, if there is somebody who tells me wrong, we can discuss it, and in the end both know more. Which I find to be one of the best things about the whole discussion business — hope you, too.